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Tekken 3 Free Download Full Version

There are many fighting games in the world which contain a highly graphics and very mature content. But it was only the game of era of 90s that gain very fame at that time and not only that time but also today it is played with the same zeal and bigger audience. Yes, this is the game whose name is Tekken 3. Best fighting game ever in all aspects. This is the 3rd installment in Tekken series. It was first released in Arcade mode in 20 March 1997. And then after one year later, it was released in play station on 26 March 1998. This game contains both modes single-player and multiplayer. Its arcade system is the Namco system 12. Tekken 3 game display system is really impressive with 368 x 480 pixels with a horizontal orientation. The original arcade version of this game was released in 2005 for the play station 2 as Tekken 5’s arcade history mode. Later in 2018, this game was also released in as a part of Sony’s play station classic.

tekken 3 game

Tekken 3 game developers’ name is Namco. And its publishers are JP: Namco Ltd, JP: Namco hometek and EU: SCE. Directors of Tekken 4 are Masamichi Abe and Yutaka Kounoe. The designer and programmers of this game are Masahiro kimoto, katsuhrio harada and Masanori Yashanari. Tekken 3 game is a Japanese product and according to weekly famitsu, Japan bought 1.13 million units of Tekken 3 during the first half of 1998 alone. According to this research, this was the 3rd best country selling product at that time.

Tekken 3 game became one of the greatest and best video game in 1998 and also in today’s era. Because it gain too much fame in all the ages from 1998 to 2020. You can imagine its fame from this that only in 2001 more than 8 million copies sold worldwide. Tekken 4 game was the 4th best-selling game in 90s. Tekken 3 consists of 23 characters including the debut of the several new characters such as Jin kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Brian fury, Eddy gordo and many more. Tekken 2 game only consists of only 6 characters which meant that 17 new characters were added to Tekken 3 by the developers of this game.

tekken 3 game download

The aggregate of Tekken 3 game is very impressive such as in game rankings its score is 96% and if we see its score in Metacritic that is 96/100. Tekken 3 game won many awards such as; the best fighting game award from the game critics award publication. It was also won the Fighting game of the year from the EGM publications and also gain the award from Game informer as the best fighting game of the year.

Tekken 3 game free download

This game ranked as the 17th best fighting game. You can play this game with your friends and also alone because you do not need any friend because this game has 23 characters. Sony gives them an award “Platinum prize” to this game in May 1998, for sales of above 1 million units in Japan. The United States reported that this game earns $48.5 million during 1998 by selling their game copies of 1.11 million. According to Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken 3 sold 8.36 million copies during its initial release on the original PlayStation.

Tekken 3 PC Game System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10
CPU: 2GHz Intel Dual Core processor or later.
Hard Disk Space: 1GB

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