Unblock Red Wood - Puzzle Game

Unblock Red Wood - Puzzle Game

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"The simplest yet tricky wood puzzle is here to boost your mood.
If you like deductive reasoning and problem solving games, this is the one that you should definitely give a try. There are so many levels, from beginner to expert so you can choose the one that suits your ability the best.

This unblock puzzle game is filled with a lot of logic that will keep you engaged. However, there is nothing complicated about it. All you need to do is move the block with one finger only and release the red block. Even though it sounds pretty easy, don’t be fooled until you try it!

As you pass the level the difficulty increases. Each one is very unique because it is tricky in its own way. It is set in a different position so this sliding puzzle needs some thinking. This game does not only have the purpose of killing your time while you are bored, but challenging your abilities and your brain, and testing your IQ as well.

Even though the game requires planning and thinking, it is very user-friendly and made very simple for playing. Each puzzle is a board with a red block stuck between the other wooden blocks. Your goal is to release the red wood block by cleaning up the traffic puzzle and solving the slide block puzzle with your logic and thinking skills.

Let’s see how this sliding block puzzle functions!
◆ This is one of the free puzzle games that are available for downloading on your play store.
◆ After the game is successfully downloaded click on the play button.
◆ There are six different levels: easy, normal, hard, pro 1, pro 2, and extreme. In order to unlock them all, you need to collect the required number of stars. Do that by passing levels and unlocking them at the same time.
◆ When you start the game on the left upper corner you can see how many moves you made. There is also a set number as the best score. That number is the least number of moves you can make to solve the puzzle.
◆ Horizontal blocks can be moved from side to side.
◆ Vertical blocks can be moved up and down.
◆ There is a pause button down below. There you can click on resume if you want, turn the sound off and on, or go back on the stage.
◆ If you are ever stuck, and you are not sure how to solve the puzzle, you can click on a hint to help you.
◆ If you made a bad move, just tap on the reply and you can start the level again while the moves will be annulled.
◆ The Undo button will help you undo your last move. However, that will count as a move too.
◆ Think, plan, and make your strategy. Before you pull a move, make sure you think thoroughly.
◆ Each passed level will bring you more stars and unlock more levels. In the end when you come to the last extreme level, and you solve each wooden block puzzle you will become a true professional!

• Over 40,000 puzzles
• Puzzle Packs - Easy, normal, hard, pro 1, pro 2, and extreme
• Family-Friendly and Kids-Friendly
• Hints to elevate your playing
• Relaxing music to make you concentrate better

Wood games can be quite interesting especially when they are in the form of a puzzle. Along with a great design, in brown, warm wood colors, this game will become addictive and you won’t stop playing it. Don’t worry, because you are spending your time wisely. With these logic puzzles, you will train your abilities, tease your brain, and test your IQ. You will always want to play more, and you will not feel guilty about it!

Unblocked games can be played alone, or you can even challenge your friends and family members and see who will do the better job. Unblock me - that’s what you need to do with the red block that is stuck between the other wooden ones. Solve stages without making mistakes, if you are stuck use hints and get all 3 stars! If you are not satisfied with your score, simply click on a repeat button and try again! Move it and win it, it’s that easy and it’s that addictive!

Do not hesitate to make a suggestion or leave a review.
Have the best time with us, it’s what you came for!
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